3 Apartment Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Online Traffic

#1 - Information is power

The key to unlocking more sales is understanding the customer so well that the product or service fits them perfectly, and sells itself. So how do we do that? The trick lies in knowing what your ideal customer is searching for online as it relates to your product or service. This skill is what drives the big data search analysis that helps Amazon sell 177 BILLION dollars worth of product every single year. Amazon doesn’t guess what shoppers are searching for online. They know what customers will type letter by letter. Amazon uses this information to make sure they come up first on their customers pages, and you can too. You simply cannot master SEO without tapping into your clients’ searches and wants. Let’s say you’re looking to sell apartments in San Antonio, Texas. Just how important is the “TX”? I could ask you to guess, but Google, Amazon, and Facebook didn’t amass a combined almost trillion dollars of revenue last year just by guessing, and neither should you. With some quick research, you can find that about 2600 people searched for “Apartments in San Antonio TX”, but more than 27,000 people searched “Apartments in San Antonio”! By ranking for the keyword without the “TX” you are using SEO internet marketing to garner over 10 TIMES as many potential clients!

#2 - Make sure your company is in a position to win

It’s easier than you think to be at the top of Google search rankings! The three rules of real estate are location, location, location! Yet, search Google for apartments in your area, and you’ll find that many portfolios and apartments have simply given up trying to rank on Google. Remember, you searched “Apartments in” NOT “Apartments listing sites” and yet only the apartments listing sites are doing the hard work necessary to show up on the first page of Google. This is YOUR traffic to begin with and you need to reclaim it. What apartment managers don’t understand is that it’s easier than you think to position your property in the top search results of Google and get those hot, qualified renters calling your leasing office before going anywhere else. TLM Marketing is the leading apartment marketing partner in the industry to do just that! Get your apartment community in front of renters.

#3 Don’t be your own business blocker

68% of apartment communities actively inhibit renters from contacting the leasing office. More than two thirds of apartment communities suppress leases by making these 2 fatal website flaws:

One, Lack of a clearly posted phone number on each page of the community website. Is it on every page of yours?

And two, lack of a clearly posted address on your community website. Time and time again I have visited community websites and thought “How do I get there?” and there has been NO LISTED ADDRESS anywhere to be found on the site. How is someone supposed to take an offer seriously if they won’t be able to know where they will be living? Make sure it’s easy to find your address and moreover make sure it is the CORRECT address.