3 Ways to Attract New Customers

It’s easy to get new traffic when you have an old website that already has a bunch of pages. It’s easy to throw money at expensive ad campaigns when you’re already rich with an established company. But what happens when you’re a new entrepreneur? How do you get new customers?

Tip #1 - Team up with other creators in your niche

Have you thought about working with other people on a similar topic to gain a more diverse group of followers? Can you do a podcast together? Make a joint webinar? How about group posts? Maybe interviews with other people? When you work with others, they will share YOUR published work, and you will get more traffic. People are more than happy to be interviewed, so why not work with big name creators and get them to share your stuff?

Tip #2 Giveaways, promotions, or contests

If you reach out to other creators and offer them something that they want, you are guaranteed to get more traffic. Everyone knows that guy Tai Lopez (“Here in my garage....”) but what made his advertising so effective? Giveaways! Tai gives away money, he’s given away a car. You name it! He gives away whatever he wants, and it’s SUPER EFFECTIVE. When you do giveaways, people love it. It gives you a bunch of new shares, followers, and new visitors that would have never seen your page. Everyone wants something for free!

Tip #3 Push Notifications

This is the easiest way to get more and more followers. Look at it like this: If someone comes to your site, what are the odds they are even going to come back? Almost zero. If you don’t believe me check out google analytics. You can see how often people come back, and you’re lucky if even 1% of your audience does. With push notifications, someone is subscribed to your site instantly without having to share unwanted personal information. You can spread the word out to them any time now! My favorite site to do this is Subscribers.com

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