5 Free Tools to Increase Social Media Engagement

As social media use increases. Getting traffic on social media isn’t as easy as it used to be. These tools will help you retain traffic on every major social platform.

Tool #1 - Minichat

Facebook traffic is great. But what happens when you use Facebook Messenger? With Minichat you can allow customers to subscribe to your site’s messages through facebook messenger, and receive automated notifications. Minichat is known for getting clickthrough rates above 30-50%

Tool #2 - Buzzsumo

You write a lot of content. A lot of times when you share it, no one wants to comment or engage on it. Buzzsumo shows you all of the content related to yours that is popular, and all of it that isn’t popular. With Buzzsumo, you can create more content based on what's being shared more, and promote that all over your social media for more engagement.

Tool #3 - SocialBlade

Social Blade is that site everyone knows to track their favorite Youtube stars, but it is really so much more. Social blade works for dozens of social media platforms and gives users in depth graphs of subscribers/followers over time. It will help you find patterns based on how much content you’re putting out and how much your followers are engaging. This will help you maximize followers & engagement.

Tool #4 - HelloBar

In the first hour that of posting content, a post that does really well can go viral. HelloBar helps you collect emails from your website. So next time you make a post on social media, you can use HelloBar to send out an email to your followers to let them know about your new post, and possibly go viral!

Tool #5 - Subscribers

Subscribers is like HelloBar, but instead of collecting emails, it helps you collect notification subscribers. Subscribers lets your customers get notified at the click of a button every time new content comes out. You can even send your customers directly to your social media pages through Subscriber notifications.

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