7 Reasons Your Website Sucks

There are hidden aspects of your website that are destroying your engagement, decreasing traffic, and ruining your SEO. Here are 7 things that you need to get rid of right now to fix your website.

#1 - Outdated content

It’s no big secret. Google prefers fresh content. There are over 1.8 billion websites in the world, 60 billion pages getting indexed, and two million blogs being published every single day. Look at your traffic now, versus last year. Hopefully you have more traffic, but maybe you don’t. More importantly though, you’ll notice that some pages are still doing well, and others aren't. If you refresh your good content, Google will continue to rank it.

#2 Pages with little content

Back in the day, pages with only 100-200 words could easily pass as strong content. Nowadays, Google prefers longer, juicier articles. If you can get your point across in 100-200 words, that’s great, but most people can’t. Write longer articles.

#3 Random or Excessive ads

The more ads you put on your website, the slower it will load, and the lower it will get ranked. Plus, users don’t like ads and tend to use ad ridden websites less. That’s not to say ads are bad, but make them pretty. Let them blend in and don’t put them everywhere.

#4 Auto Generated Pages

Google wants you to give the user an incredible experience. By creating content with automated tools you steal your users' opportunity to be engaged. No one likes a cookie cutter brand. Create content that provides an amazing experience, and personalize your content to the user.

#5 Annoying popups

Google has come out and said this time and time again. Websites with a million different popups begging you to agree to this or accept that is not only annoying to users, but will destroy your content in the Google algorithm. To help your SEO, get rid of your popups!

#6 Pointless internal links

We all know that it’s good to have internal links. Who doesn’t want users to be directed back to the same website? The problem is that people tend to overdo this. You need to be careful and think about your intentions with every internal link, and make sure it’s relevant. Google does not like websites that spam links of itself repeatedly, and this creates an overall bad user experience.

#7 Duplicate Content

While Google doesn’t necessarily penalize you for having duplicate content, you will always get more traffic with new content. Try to expand what you’re writing about to something original, and you will see much better results. People get sick and tired of seeing the same article that adds no value to the internet, and Google can tell.

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