7 Social Media Hacks to Boost Your Business’s Following

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If you’re tired of creating accounts and customizing your brands only to get 20 likes per post, you’re not the only one. Many accounts these days have thousands or even millions of followers and struggle to maintain an engaged audience. Looking to turn your brand’s page into a money making machine with just a few simple hacks? You’re in the right place.

Hack #1 - Respond to Every Comment

Most social media platforms value comments over likes. On sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, when someone leaves a comment, it communicates to the public that your audience is highly engaged and that your company understands how to deliver engaging content. When you respond to an Instagram comment you are not only engaging your audience and encouraging them to comment on your brand’s future content, but you’re also building a relationship and pushing momentum for your posts to go viral.

Hack #2 - Keep Captions Short

This works especially for LinkedIn. When writing descriptions, keep your sentences brief. Start out with 1-2 short sentences, and let your audience click “See More” to view the rest. When your audience clicks “See More”, they are communicating to the algorithm that your content is worth viewing. This is valuable in the world of social media and will encourage social media platforms to show your post to more platform users.

Hack #3 - Don’t Just Promote Your Business

While it may be tempting to promote your business on social media accounts. Remember users and potential customers typically follow pages with engaging content. It’s important not to be spammy. Continue being social on your social media pages, without just plugging your business. Share a quote, a story, or a quick picture of content your followers will actually enjoy. Your audience doesn’t want to be barraged with ads 24/7, and posting some new social content might be exactly what you need to skyrocket on social media.

Hack #4 - Leverage Instagram and Facebook Stories

Instagram and Facebook stories are the heart of engagement. Not only do Instagram & Facebook automatically show your story to everyone viewing stories, but you can add a link to your website and ask people to “swipe up” to instantly boost engagement on your site. The more you post on your story, the more you are giving your audience an opportunity to access your site.

Hack #5 - Cross-Connect Your Social Media Followers

It’s 2020. You’re not JUST on Facebook. You’re not JUST on Twitter. You’re EVERYWHERE and your followers should know! Tell your twitter fans to follow your instagram! Tell your Facebook friends to check out your LinkedIn! This will increase the likelihood of people seeing your content. Nowadays, you’re lucky if 10% of your followers engage with your post. By cross posting, you are drastically increasing the chances of your followers seeing your content.

Hack #6 - Exit Popups

If someone is going to leave your site, you might as well give them a last ditch effort before they’re gone. By using exit popups, you can plug your social media or any other relevant information before your fans leave your site, and potentially save thousands of customers.

Hack #7 - Use More Videos

Social platforms love video. Companies like Netflix and TikTok are successful for a reason. Video content has been highly engaging and profitable in 2020. By creating videos, you are giving social media platforms more potential viewers over other streaming competitors as well as over television. As a bonus, the algorithms of social media platforms are much more likely to reward you as a result of your increased engagement and views.

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