How to Leverage Facebook Ads to Rent out Your Properties

Although Facebook is usually an obvious choice for social media marketing as it relates to multifamily property owners, paid advertising via Facebook or Instagram ads can be a nerve-racking thing. The format can seem unfamiliar, there is actual money involved. You may not know which options to select and specific graphic sizes are required… Well, we are here to take away the worry and give you the tips you need to design a well-crafted Facebook ad that you can use for any property.

Pin down what you are trying to sell. This seems like a no-brainer, but it is a very important step, because all of your other decisions center around it.

Determine your ad objective. Facebook has several to choose from, but if you are trying to direct traffic from your ad to a “More Information” landing page on your website in order to get sign ups or something similar, then website traffic should be your objective.

Think about your budget. Do you want to dip in a toe or dive in like crazy? You can set relatively small budgets on Facebook to start until you feel comfortable and there are no reps to call you repeatedly to ask for more money.

Consider your ideal customer. This is probably something you or someone in your company has thought about before, but who exactly is your ideal renter? Is it a 20 year old first timer? Is it a 55 and over crowd or more of a middle class family kind of vibe? You need to know exactly who you are targeting in order to maximize the results of your ads. Of course, in considering your target demographic you must be mindful of fair housing laws which also apply to advertising. One loop hole to appeal to those who find your property attractive is to include trends, colors and all around moods in your ad. This can be achieved by adding effects, changing a background or including demographic trending verbiage in your ad.

Write your ad to target your ideal customer. Identify their pain points and write directly to them. If you know who they are, then write them a sonnet of an ad about how you can make their lives better.

Create an eye catching graphic. Although design might not be your thing, social media ads are display ads in most formats, so they will need a graphic. The best rule of thumb here is to not include too much text, although Facebook is peeling back their restriction on how much text you can have in a graphic, it can be hard to read, don’t depend on text in your graphic to deliver your message, include your logo/branding and choose an image that folks would associate with what you are offering.

For more on marketing your available properties (or marketing your multifamily community in general) with Facebook advertising, reach out to the marketing experts at, a creative marketing agency that specializes in growing your business through paid social media ads and maximizing your ROI.

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