SEO for Property Management Companies- What it is and How to Get Started

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website as searchable as possible. Even if majority of the traffic your business receives is through word of mouth, scaling your business will eventually necessitate customers finding you organically online. How exactly will potential renters find you organically? By searching of course! These searches will be for keywords related to what you do and if you don’t have them on your site, you won’t come up on the search and if you are too far down on the list, there is a pretty good chance the searcher will get tired of looking before they even find you, so the two objectives are:

  1. Show up on the search for your most relevant keywords

  2. Show up high enough on the search that it matters

Those seem easy enough, right? Well, how do you do that? ...Unfortunately that answer isn’t quite as easy and involves some legwork on your part; legwork and a lot of relevant content. Much like how an effective social media campaign involves a strategy, an SEO campaign needs one, too.

In order to begin your foray into the world of SEO, you should take note of some of your relevant keywords, more specifically words that you would like to pop up for when your ideal customer makes a search. If you need a hand figuring out how the world is using their search engines, check out the trending section on Google and Google’s Keyword Planner, a free service that comes with Google Ads. Some paid SEO software like MOZ and SEMrush can assist with keyword planning also, but they may have more features than you need to start out.

Once you have a list of relevant keywords, you will need to take stock of your website and see where, how and if you have used them on your website. Good places to include your relevant keywords are:

  • The body of your homepage

  • Your meta descriptions

  • ALT text

  • Title tags

  • Blog posts (great for long tail keywords and keyword phrases)

You will want to make sure the selected keywords sound natural as you use them, however, because you may be writing to appeal to a search engine, it's important to remember you are still writing to inform your future residents.

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