Social Media for Property Owners 101

There is a huge chance that your target demographic is on social media. Sure, they may not realize that they can (and should) be house-hunting there, but they have accounts and they spend A LOT of time, watching videos, posting updates, liking posts, and searching for more awesome content - which means your company needs to be there too! But telling you that you should have a presence on social media isn’t very helpful. You already know you SHOULD, but what you need to know is:

What platforms should you focus on?

What kinds of content should you post?

How do you know it's working?

We are SO glad you asked! Let’s dive in!

What platforms should you focus on?

The platforms on which you focus most of your energy will depend on a few items:

What kind of content you would like to produce?

Although, we always recommend a balanced approach to social media with an active presence across all platforms, what you LIKE to do makes a difference, because what you LIKE will be what you stick with the longest. Do you feel the most comfortable recording videos? Then focus on platforms that capitalize on your videography skills. Do you prefer shorter, text-based updates? We’d recommend a Twitter or Facebook focus, in that case.

Who is your target demographic?

Your target demographic (i.e. your “ideal customer”) will determine your best performing social media platform because each platform pulls in a different audience in general. If you are marketing properties that appeal to a millennial crowd then Instagram is where it’s at. If you are marketing mid-range ranch-style homes to families in the suburbs, then Facebook is a MUST for you.

What kind of content should your post?

The easy answer is ALL KINDS! But the real answer is that you should produce content that is useful and interesting to your audience 90% of the time and informational about your company and your services 10% of the time. This content should be a mix of videos, text, graphics, and blogs. Something to keep in mind, everything you post should have consistent branding, be in a similar voice, and promote the same general messaging.

How do you know it's working?

Because you will be spending your precious time working on this endeavor, you will want to be sure that your efforts are bringing in leads. Here is how you can track the efficiency of your social media posts:

Customer Surveys - One of the most basic ways to discover how your customers are finding you is by asking them how they heard about your company.

Track Metrics - Once you start posting you will see “likes” and other key performance indicators trickling in. Pay attention to which of your posts get the most engagement and reach, and do your best to deliver more of that type of content.

For more on marketing your available properties (or marketing your multifamily community in general) via social media, reach out to the marketing experts at, a creative marketing agency that specializes in growing your social media following and maximizing your ROI.

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