The 3 Best Marketing Hacks of 2020

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

There are many ways to harness online technology as a marketing consultant. The industry is growing fast. So, let’s talk about some ways that can get the wheels turning so you can market a little more effectively online.

#1 - Establish yourself as an industry expert by branding and showcasing past achievements

Start tracking all statistics and past successes. Keep data on everything you’ve done. This data can be EXTREMELY powerful in the customer outreach process. When someone is looking for a service, they want to understand the value behind the dollar, and you can prove value with your data. If you can show customers that you’ve been a worthwhile service provider in the past, they will want to hire you.

#2 - Show that you can bring a fresh perspective to your client’s home, life or business.

A great way to show clients a fresh perspective is through social media marketing. Display your content through social media platforms via Instagram posts, Youtube videos, or a weekly podcast! You want to provide free information so that people start viewing you as the BEST in that space. You have the knowledge needed in your business; that’s what people are buying and it’s what they want to see. You know how to solve the riddle that they’re trying to solve. You know how to fix their problems. These are things that they can’t do on their own so they’re going to hire you or purchase your products to help them to do that. The best way you can show that you have that knowledge is by literally showing them. Videos, podcasts, or any other way to generate a continual flow of content will allow people to see that you have what it takes and you’re a leader of what you’re selling.

#3 Think of your FAQs

What are the questions that people often ask when it comes to your service or products? What is the question that makes them want to reach out to your business? By understanding the questions you will frequently be asked, you will develop a greater understanding of who you’re trying to reach, and their motivations for choosing you. Not only should your website have an FAQs page, but by referring to your list of questions you should be able to generate new ideas for content on your social media pages, and create relevant material that your audience will actually care about.

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