The Art of Leasing

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Leasing is more than a skill. It’s an art. More importantly, when developing a leasing team it is vital that one seek the artistic qualities every leasing agent should have.

It can be assumed that art requires creativity, but the act of convincing a prospect to lease an apartment… is that really art? Take for example the necessary adaptation a leasing consultant must make while touring each and every prospect, individually. Not all prospective residents want to be sold. Sometimes it’s a matter of selecting the correct talking topic. One may come across the lion leaser. She’s not very responsive. In fact, she’s pretty laid back, but not for lack of confidence. She knows who she is, what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and if it does not interest her she is more than comfortable with cutting the interaction short and walking off. It is the leasing consultants duty to creatively paint a fresh custom canvas of a conversation that interests her without making her feel it is just a printed copy.

Passion is also needed in the arts. If you do not enjoy leasing you will get burnt out very easily. One must communicate constantly throughout the day be it with residents, prospects or the on-site maintenance teams. The phones often won’t stop ringing. Emails will flood your inbox and there will be a constant flow of visitors some days. Property management can be straining to the weary, but just as a dancer pushes through the fatigue it is passion that is needed to get through the heavy times.

Thirdly, expression is often overlooked or assumed to be a part of creativity. However, I believe they are two very different qualities. The role of a leasing agent is often viewed as entry level, but I have met and trained some of the most influential, innovative and diligent leasing professionals in the industry. The act of selling requires communication. Until a leasing consultant is able to exemplify the product, lifestyle and services being offered in a way that exudes enthusiasm not only will they reach a plateau in their leasing numbers, but there will be very little improvement in their performance. It’s a cycle really. The agent lacks enthusiasm or expression. The prospect picks up on that, and if the apartment doesn’t sell itself the agent gets no leases which results in a lowered level of zeal and a downward spiral. The opposite is also true. When the agent is able to openly express their passion and creativity with a prospect, they are more likely to see results. Those results add to the confidence and fervor of the agent, and nine times out of ten not only does that agent begin to succeed, but they become the leader everyone else believes they are. Whether they are just starting out or have been leasing for years, leasing is an art and certainly not one to be looked down upon.

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